I'm Nduli and this is my small bit on the internet. I love technology, using it, building and discovering it. The best discovery I've had is linux and vim. Linux because it's easy to customize, for example window managers (there are tiling, dynamic and stacking window managers). Vim because it's light and powerful (although it took some time to get used to). And more FOSS tech I've used along my journey.

I sometimes design circuits and mechanisms. I put these on github or grabcad.

And then there's books. I love books (reading them). My current favorites include Behind the Beautiful Forevers, Axiomatic and Courage To Be Disliked.


I use this to self document the problems I experience while working on various problems. I work on a wide range of technologies and sometimes I find a fix here and there that needs recording for future purposes.

Also it will work as a place to let my opinions loose. Perhaps on a book here, a movie there, some policy, etc.


Pelican is easy to use and set up. I even created my own theme for it (letter_theme). I also get to edit my articles using vim, and generate the blog using my terminal. I do most of my work from the terminal, so why not add blogging too.


Please keep this in mind while reading the blog:

Stuff just is. My mental model of how the world works is incomplete. It has boundaries. I'm constantly relearning stuff. That, there, is the thing. Knowing that I'm limited in how I perceive stuff. There is strength in these "limits" though, they enable you to filter noise and make decisions. ~ Bonface Munyoki