Prepare Kicad PCB for Elecrow Production


Before designing the PCB, set the following design rules:

The defaults provided by Kicad are OK, so no need to change them unless you have some special requirements.

Once the pcb has been completed, go go:


Make sure the following options are checked in Layers section:

Make sure the Plot format is set to Gerber. It is also advisable to set an OutputDirectory for your gerber files. This prevents mixing up the gerber with normal project files.

Make sure the following are checked in Options:

For Gerber options, make sure this is checked:

Click on Plot to generate the gerber files.

To generate the drill files, click on "Generate Drill File". I set the Drill Units to Millimeters, Zeros Format to Decimal Format and Dril Map File Format to Gerber. Also Drill Origin was set to Absolute. Then click Drill File.

Kicad outputs files with a different naming convention as that expected by elecrow. So you'll have to rename these files. For examples:

After renaming the files you can then compress all of them into a zip file and make the order.