Zealot B570 Bluetooth Headset


I got the zealot b570 a couple of months ago. I have been using it since then and it has not disappointed. In fact, I really like this headset. I'm also a bit clumsy, so it's been subjected to a rough time, and its still working well.


  • Bluetooth capable
  • SD card slot
  • OK battery life
  • I can listen to audio over mini usb and over 3.5 mm jack. I prefer using the mini usb option, so that's a plus.
  • Good audio quality
  • Really durable. I've never had a head set that lasted more than 3 months. But this was primarily due to the 3.5 mm jack getting cut / broken.
  • The control buttons are located at a good location.


  • The headset was really tight and painful to wear. To fix it, I stretched it for some days and it worked well.
  • The LED lights are really annoying. I wish there were an option to disable these.
  • I don't use the FM mode, so it kind of disappoints me when I'm switching modes and the noise from the FM mode comes up.