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Handling Noise in My Head

I complain and anger myself a lot. I'll have an internal dialogue that loops over the same points, making me feel worse and worse. I'll sometimes write down why I'm so angry or anxious, and find out my thoughts aren't as important as I wanted to believe.

This is Chatter …

Asking For Help

I get and send bad questions. To avoid this, I write my questions in my editor, review and then copy them to the platform e.g. slack, email. My questions are better, which makes me wonder if there are other changes that could further improve my questions.

A lot of …

PC Assembly and Motorola C Plus Fix

I assembled my first PC this month. It took me a full Saturday for this, and I blame it on the case I got. I cheaped out on it, and ended up taking a lot of time setting things properly inside it. Here is the build. Some of the mistakes …

Courage To Be Disliked: A Review

Courage to be disliked is a book that explains Adlerian psychology. It does so in the form of a dialog, between a student and a master. Here are the various ideas I got from reading the book:

Etiology vs Teleology

Etiology is when someone focuses on the past, and uses …

Summary of 2018

This year has been meh for me ;( The highlights for the year include:

  • Completing course work for my masters class
  • Starting research on Renewable Energy Systems and how best to size them and control this system.
  • Active participation in various communities I managed to join especially Urban Perspective and NaiLUG …

2018 So Far

This year so far has been tough.

I thought I would have read around 10 books by now but I'm barely half that mark. Most of the books are mostly fiction, but at least I've got some variety this time. The books I've completed so far are:

  • 'The Worthing Saga' …

Summary of 2017

2017 was an interesting year in my life. I achieved a lot during this time despite starting off on a low note. It started off on a low note because following my graduation(2016), I was abit confused with my life. Things however became better as the year progressed.

I …

Zealot B570 Bluetooth Headset

I got the zealot b570 a couple of months ago. I have been using it since then and it has not disappointed. In fact, I really like this headset. I'm also a bit clumsy, so it's been subjected to a rough time, and its still working well.


  • Bluetooth capable …