Generate HTML when Using Markdown in Vimwiki


I moved to markdown in vimwiki but couldn't generate html. VimwikiAll2HTML only supported vimwiki syntax. I explored static site generators looking for one that:

I tested out mkdocs, zola, docusaurus and vitepress and only vitepress met both conditions. It also worked out the box and I liked the default theme.

npm install -D vitepress
npx vitepress init


  1. This works with "vitepress": "^1.0.0-beta.3" in my package.json.
  2. This overrides, so have a back up. I used git to restore it.

I generated the hmtl using:

npx run docs:build

The sidebars didn't look great though, and I used vitepress-plugin-auto-sidebar to set this to by my folders. It's config looks like:

sidebar: getSidebar({ contentRoot: '/', contentDirs: ['team'], collapsible: true, collapsed: true })

and this forced me to set up a long list of contentDirs. I instead used an ignore list and generated my contentDirs from code with:

const EXCLUDE_DIRS: string[] = ['node_modules', 'diary', 'scripts'];
const CONTENT_ROOT = '/';

function getSideBarFolders(): string[] {
  var content_root = path.join(process.cwd(), CONTENT_ROOT)
  return fs.readdirSync(content_root, {withFileTypes: true})
           .filter(f => f.isDirectory() && !'.') && !EXCLUDE_DIRS.includes(
           .map(f =>

changing the plugin's config to:

sidebar: getSidebar({ contentRoot: CONTENT_ROOT, contentDirs: getSideBarFolders(), collapsible: true, collapsed: true }),

I added a post-commit hook that would update my vimwiki site any time I changed my wiki:

set -euo pipefail

cd "$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel)"
npm run docs:build
rsync --recursive --archive --update --verbose --compress -P .vitepress/dist/ user@ip:/path/to/folder