Handling Noise in My Head


I complain and anger myself a lot. I'll have an internal dialogue that loops over the same points, making me feel worse and worse. I'll sometimes write down why I'm so angry or anxious, and find out my thoughts aren't as important as I wanted to believe.

This is Chatter, where our brain gets stuck in negative thought loops, usually about a past event e.g. something someone told me (rumination) or about the future e.g. what will happen (worry).

I subconsciously like this feeling and sometimes catch myself looking for something to complain or be angry with. I'll look for someone to validate my feelings, having a one sided conversations about my problems and complaints. I won't notice solutions they suggest since I'm too fixated on my problems. Later on, when I reflect on what they said is when I'll see their solution and angle.

What seems to work for me is:

Other ways I've read that might work are: