Know Thy Editor Well


Someone once told me that I should really know my editor, and know it well. I did not take this advice into consideration but lately, as I get better and better at using vim, I think I'm beginning to understand the fella well.

If you know your editor well enough, it becomes the single point of reference for every task you will try to do. And the more you know your editor, the better it works for you. Also, your performance improves significantly as you become more comfortable with your editor.

If you become comfortable with the editor, you might end up using it for the most importabt aspects of your life. It can end up integrating into a lot of really cool stuff you use.

Here is a list of some of the things I use vim for: * Managing my finances, works together with ledger * Writing a diary/journal of my life * Note taking using vimwiki * Todo lists using vimwiki and/or vim orgmode * Coding -- obviously * Blogging * Server setup and management * Documentation * Make presentations

As can be seen, knowing vim well will greatly optimize my time and also effectively manage my life well. It should not only be vim, but know that whatever editor you choose to use, know it well, know its community and learn every day how to optimize your work.