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Vimwiki Website Deployment using Git Hooks

I use vimwiki to keep a track of my notes. This includes book summaries, linux commands, recipes and miscellanous content. It's an amazing vim plugin that provides easy access and navigation to the content. This however works well only within vim.

I occasionally need to access these notes outside vim …

Keeping a Diary in Vim

A diary is a good way to write down one's thoughts and memories of the day.

Being a vim fan, I had to find a way to easily help me write down my diary. This is where vim wiki comes in. It is basically a means of writing down wikis …

My First Vim Function

I finally got down to writing my first vim function. It was a gruelling journey but I finally got through it. So I'll write down the problem I had and the fix I finally came up with as my solution.

Problem Statement

I usually keep a to do list of …

Vim Airline Setup

I was watching this video on how to use vim+tmux effectively (Video Link), and this guy had some really awesome looking vim. I decided to try it out and see if I could end up with something just that great.

I did my research and found two alternatives, powerline …

Know Thy Editor Well

Someone once told me that I should really know my editor, and know it well. I did not take this advice into consideration but lately, as I get better and better at using vim, I think I'm beginning to understand the fella well.

If you know your editor well enough …

Org Mode in Vim

Emacs has org mode. It is a really great tool. This is how I use the same in vim.