PC Assembly and Motorola C Plus Fix


I assembled my first PC this month. It took me a full Saturday for this, and I blame it on the case I got. I cheaped out on it, and ended up taking a lot of time setting things properly inside it. Here is the build. Some of the mistakes I made include:

I really like the build though, and I'm using it to play games and for some machine learning. I also got to find out that steam support on linux is really great (the PC runs linux btw).

I also did my first screen replacement this month. I own a Motorola Moto C Plus, and its touch screen had stopped working completely. I ordered one off ebay, and got around to replacing it. The process was surprisingly easy. For tools, I was lucky to have everything I needed, which was a screw driver set, tweezers and a heat gun.

Here is the video guide I followed: