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Hiding Toolbars in Firefox

While using i3, I've realized that a lot of screen real estate in firefox is taken up with the tab and navigation bar. This isn't a problem when its the only application open, but when some tiling has been done, these two bars quickly become a barrier to usage, for …

Python Timeit with Partial

The timeit module provides an easy way to time python code. I use it to check if a new code implementation runs faster than an older implementation.

Example usage of this is:

import timeit


def greet():
    print('Hello World')

timeit.timeit(greet, number=4)

Timeit …

Vimwiki Website Deployment using Git Hooks

I use vimwiki to keep a track of my notes. This includes book summaries, linux commands, recipes and miscellanous content. It's an amazing vim plugin that provides easy access and navigation to the content. This however works well only within vim.

I occasionally need to access these notes outside vim …

PC Assembly and Motorola C Plus Fix

I assembled my first PC this month. It took me a full Saturday for this, and I blame it on the case I got. I cheaped out on it, and ended up taking a lot of time setting things properly inside it. Here is the build. Some of the mistakes …

Jogging Time Tracking In Google Sheets

I jog frequently. I needed to track the various times I spend jogging my various routes. There are pretty awesome android apps for this but carrying a phone with me while jogging did not work. I was ok with a wrist watch though. So I jog and afterwards store the …

Testing Asynchronous Calls in VueJS

I frequently use asynchronous calls when coding in vuejs, especially when I get and send data to an online api. Initially, I found it difficult to test the asynchronous calls, but as I learned more, asynchronous tests became painless. I detail the methods I use to test promises and async …

Jupyter Notebook Setup on a VPS

These steps have been tested on Digital Ocean server and a scaleway ARM64 server. I used the cheapest provided options for my setups.

First, set up ubuntu on the server. Both Digital Ocean and Scaleway provide an easy way to do this. Just follow their prompts, and you'll have your …

System Clock Prescalers and Their Hazards

One means of saving power with the attiny13A is by slowing down the clock frequency of the microcontroller. One option of doing this is by using the system clock prescaler. The attiny13A is shipped with running on a 9.6MHz internal RC Oscillator. It has the CKDIV8 fuse set (which …

Project Management in Google Sheets

Outline of Project

I wanted a google sheet file that could manage simple projects. This meant that it could track tasks, send notifications when tasks were late and differentiate done, undone and late tasks when the file was opened and editted. To do this, I decided to research into Google …

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