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Scrolling Text With 5*4 LED Array

I usually see lights in Nairobi scrolling text from right to left. It is an interesting thing to see, and if done right is usually beautiful. I wanted to make one, and so this is how I went about it.

Multiplexing LEDs

To light and LED one needs 5V supplied …

Git Branches

Lets say we have have a project A that works really well and serves our purpose. Then there is this new killer feature that we want to add to the project. Adding it directly to project A is not a really good thing as it might break whats working.

So …

Why To Use Github

Github is a really awesome tool. It's where most open source project live. In my case, I use github as a means of control and tracking. I've been doing so many projects in my free time, but however I do not have a record or something that can show what …

Postgresql Weird Error - Failed To Start

After updating my Archlinux, I tried starting up postgreSQL with:

sudo systmctl start postgresql.service

The service was unable to start. I then checked on what systemctl was saying the error was.

(env) [rookie@ArchRookie eventmanagement]$ sudo systemctl status postgresql
[sudo] password for rookie:
● postgresql.service - PostgreSQL database server
Loaded …

Changing Menu Icon MinCss

I wanted to make this pelican theme that is really light weight. I did some research and came upon mincss. Now this is a really small CSS framework that supports a wide range of browsers. For more info, check out here

I encountered a small problem however. I wanted to …

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