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Working With A Bad Codebase

I've worked with codebases that have made me frustrated. Some of the **features** I've seen include:

  • Naming the variables returned by a function $this and $return.
  • Having different languages in the same project. For example, I got one which had PHP, Python, Perl, JavaScript (node in the backend) and c …

Summary of 2018

This year has been meh for me ;( The highlights for the year include:

  • Completing course work for my masters class
  • Starting research on Renewable Energy Systems and how best to size them and control this system.
  • Active participation in various communities I managed to join especially Urban Perspective and NaiLUG …

2018 So Far

This year so far has been tough.

I thought I would have read around 10 books by now but I'm barely half that mark. Most of the books are mostly fiction, but at least I've got some variety this time. The books I've completed so far are:

  • 'The Worthing Saga' …