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Migrate From Vimwiki To Markdown Syntax

Vimwiki supports markdown and I switched to this because:

  • I didn't use the default syntax anywhere else.
  • I could convert to html using only VimwikiAll2HTML.

Fixing My Config

Vimwiki expects some options set before it loads (ref). With lazy, I use init like:

{ 'vimwiki/vimwiki',
  branch = 'dev',
  dependencies = {'mattn/calendar-vim …

SC-IM Color Configuration

I couldn't read cells in sc-im because there was little contrast between the background and foreground colors. I temporarily fixed this by changing my terminal's color scheme, but I'd prefer to keep it. A permanent solution was to change sc-im's colors, for example:

color "type=INPUT fg=WHITE bg=BLACK …

Testing GUIX

I installed guix with:

# Install nscd (name service cache daemon) to help pick up guix libs
sudo apt install nscd
sudo systemctl enable nscd

# install guix
# Ref:
cd /tmp
wget …

Stack Static Missing Library With Guix

I installed stack_static by downloading the binary from github and moving it to .local/bin. I was able to compile haskell programs, but running them failed with the error:

$ stack run
/home/rookie/projects/random/helloworld/.stack-work/install/x86_64-linux-tinfo6/48795ad824c5ab2c527b42cc08a43bf5cd587c042c536072710c2302b997bb41/9.2.5/bin …

Comic Site Migration to SQLite

Postgres was the database for my comic site but I chose to migrate to sqlite because it would:

  • be easier to back up
  • use less resources on my server
  • be one less service to manage

I also don't get a lot of traffic so it wouldn't have an impact.

The …

Handling Noise in My Head

I complain and anger myself a lot. I'll have an internal dialogue that loops over the same points, making me feel worse and worse. I'll sometimes write down why I'm so angry or anxious, and find out my thoughts aren't as important as I wanted to believe.

This is Chatter …

How To Code Review

Code reviews improve the health of a system while spreading ownership of code and knowledge. A good review process is fast and we can handle low hanging fruits by automating trivial checks (e.g. running unit tests, style choices) and choosing style guidelines. We can have high level discussions on …

Asking For Help

I get and send bad questions. To avoid this, I write my questions in my editor, review and then copy them to the platform e.g. slack, email. My questions are better, which makes me wonder if there are other changes that could further improve my questions.

A lot of …

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