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Sway Window Manager

Wayland is a display server that should work as a replacement for X. I've been thinking of trying it out for some time now. Detailed information about wayland and its history can be found in this article. The differences between xorg and wayland can be found here or in this …

Fixing Small Fonts on My Laptop

I have been having this problem with my laptop where the fonts seem too small. To fix this, I first had to check out my laptop's screen configurations:


Part of the output of this command is shown below. As can be seen it shows that my laptop screen is …

Bluetooth Speakers Problems

Connecting to Device

To connect to the bluetooth speakers, I use the bluetoothctl commandline options. The following are commands I run for this to work:

sudo systemctl start bluetooth.service
# Within the bluetoothctl environment
power on
agent on
scan on
pair A4:A7:B5:22:E6:F5
connect …

Freeing up Space in my Linux Machine

I have a 256GB SSD on my laptop. This is rather constrained and I occasionally end up with less than 10GB drive space. When this happens, I have to figure out what is taking up all my space and fix this. This prompts some form of search and cleaning up …

Document Scaning in Arch Linux

Using a scanner in arch is pretty perplexing at first, especially if you want to try it from the command line. Here are my steps to end up with something that works.

First install the sane package. Sane provides a command line tool for using scanners.

sudo pacman -S sane …

When Memory is not enough

A computer or server suddenly freezes or crashes. You don't know what the problem is and you really need to complete this task. One of the options is to consider memory. You might have just run out. To confirm this, you can monitor memory usage using the htop command while …

Jogging Time Tracking In Google Sheets

I jog frequently. I needed to track the various times I spend jogging my various routes. There are pretty awesome android apps for this but carrying a phone with me while jogging did not work. I was ok with a wrist watch though. So I jog and afterwards store the …

Testing Asynchronous Calls in VueJS

I frequently use asynchronous calls when coding in vuejs, especially when I get and send data to an online api. Initially, I found it difficult to test the asynchronous calls, but as I learned more, asynchronous tests became painless. I detail the methods I use to test promises and async …

Jupyter Notebook Setup on a VPS

These steps have been tested on Digital Ocean server and a scaleway ARM64 server. I used the cheapest provided options for my setups.

First, set up ubuntu on the server. Both Digital Ocean and Scaleway provide an easy way to do this. Just follow their prompts, and you'll have your …


SSH provides a secure means of remote login from one computer to another computer. When setting up linux servers, the OS usually provides ssh by default. To login:

ssh user@ipaddress

This prompts for a password, after which you have access to a remote terminal. Sometimes, no password is requested …

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